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About Me

I teach English, Social Studies and History. I have been a teacher for many years, both in the public and private sector. During this time, I have the privilege of being in many roles: teaching, writing and management.

Regardless of where I taught, I noticed a fundamental problem – students only wanted answers. The correct answer. However, for subjects like English or History, sometimes there is no ‘correct answer’. In fact, there can be many ‘correct answers’. 

This ambiguity leads to a lot of uncertainty. This is also why students find it difficult to ace their English or Humanities subjects. Hence, I have designed these Humanities resource to do more than give a correct answer.  It is designed to challenge, yet guide them. This is so that they get more than the correct answer.

I believe that as an educator, I am responsible for creating as many doors as possible for my students. I hope that by the time my students passes through my door, they will find infinite doors for them to discover and explore. 

  • Highly Qualified (Master of Arts)
  • MOE Trained (PGDE)
  • Proven Track Record (At least 2 grade improvement)
  • Stood in for HOD in MOE schools
  • Ten-Year Series Writer
  • Proven and up-to-date materials
  • TESOL trained
  • Studied in top schools (Catholic High & Temasek JC)
  • Wrote papers for Lee Kuan Yew
Combined Humanities